Silo S1 Skybox

I honed my skills a lot with this creation. The hard part was to do the shadow textures. And the harder part was all the scripting (I was simply trying to do a window script *lol). Thanks due to resi suggestions i was even able to add a roomie function and a shuttle waypoint system (BIG thanks to Roopert Huldschinsky & Xia Alter).
Silo S1 ❤ is an easy to use fully linked 70 primitives build with futuristic design and functionality. Use the inbuilt controller to change texturing or rez nice accessories. Change window styles or use it as a slide door. And finally, use the silo station for an emergency exit. All controls with access management.


Sylvan said...

Thank you for building the silo. I love it but my neighbours do as well. :)

Scott said...

I LOOOVE MY Silo! If I could have one built RL, I'd live there... forever.

The BEST skybox on the grid!

*raises cold glass of Silonade to Trin*

Cheers... [=