Skin Design - Proof of Concept

Before I start new SL adventures, i like to finally share this last insight into my skin design. It might be interesting if you're into Photoshop and content creation. Check it out here.

Wish Eyes XL

These are similar to the Wichita skin line but with extras.

Wichita Skin

Not in store yet. In store. My fifth generation skin. I discontinued it four month ago. Skin design is a huge challenge to me and to be honest, I was totally leached out. No more skins - ever! At this point, I like to quote Troy Dyer as he said, "what happened is that um, I kinda got this arcane glimpse of the universe and the best thing I can say about that is... I don't know". So I did a revision on everything as also on tricky parts, always in a bloody conflict against my 'OH NO! Not again!' attitude. I would never claim that this is a better design than any other. Such statements are ridiculous! Nevertheless it's completely hand drawn from scratch. I'm very thoughtful about this 'cause photo sourcing and template modding sucks.

Edit (Reviews): Thank you! Sorry if I did miss some critics here.
Joni Mitchell @ A Passion for Virtual Fashion 
Emerald Wynn @ Emerald's Eyes 
Aubrey Monday @ Talks About SL Events & Fashion 
Dawn Bohemian @ MySecondSkin 
Gidge Uriza @ It's Only Fashion 

Sexy Dessous GIFT - until April 23th

Edit 05/04/10:
in store now (L$ 120 each / L$ 350 Fat-Pack) 
New and completely made from sketch. Hope you like it. I will expand the collection further to complement my next skin line, which I plan to finish someday :-)

Alpha Layer Set Pro :-)

Not exactly what I should do these days but I was curious about Viewer 2. While the client is still a pain, alpha masks are actually a cool feature. Unfortunately you can only wear one clothes layer. Anyway, my first collection.

Edit: I guess I should refer to this nice tutorial @ that made my magic box explode. <3

Special Edition @ Harajukubox

EDIT 05/06/10: I discontinued all special editions for now. I never do sales but I love this kind of skins and I will re-release some in up-to-date quality.

PS: this awesome hat (with hair) is from Philotic Energy by Aemilia Case. Chemise by Lapointe & Bastchild.

Fluke! New Skin Line

Edit: New prices 04/28/10 
Former skin lines are not longer available as from now (nope, no sale! Don't ask ;P). Again the new skin comes as soft' and freckles edition, very new shiny eyes, prim lashes and tintable eyebrows. Grab a demo for some freebies (stripy lingerie, facelights...) <3

Shellby Lounger

Shellby is my debut in high quality SL furniture. I like to hone my skills so everything on it is unseen original content and I'm very happy with the outcome!

Check this in-world review by Ravenelle and Torley (Thanks guys!! xD) 

Silo S1 Skybox

I honed my skills a lot with this creation. The hard part was to do the shadow textures. And the harder part was all the scripting (I was simply trying to do a window script *lol). Thanks due to resi suggestions i was even able to add a roomie function and a shuttle waypoint system (BIG thanks to Roopert Huldschinsky & Xia Alter).
Silo S1 ❤ is an easy to use fully linked 70 primitives build with futuristic design and functionality. Use the inbuilt controller to change texturing or rez nice accessories. Change window styles or use it as a slide door. And finally, use the silo station for an emergency exit. All controls with access management.

Play! Female AO - Rev.5

The fifth revision of my AO include tons of animations and the latest ZHAO-II scripting with a revamped interface design. It was my intention from the beginning to make it useful for several occasions, with some playful extras. It would not be so well-rounded without great feedback. Like the strange habit of Ruika Hesten, to jump out of the window of her skybox. You can try all animations at my store.

*Yep,  as someone figured, some of my first sit-animations are inspired by Dave Bellman (Animazoo). I practiced with poses I adored the most and finally did it how I like it better. I'm a fan of Animazoo since ever. The godfather of animation. I was kinda groupie *lol


Greetings! That's my very first blog ever so I hope it's complete. I start with some shop impressions and pictures of my most elaborately designed items, to fill this place up a little xD